About Us


BOXHAUS opened its doors February 2018 to the Orange County community with an authentic boxing experience delivered in a boutique setting. Our goal was to create an environment that was not intimidating but welcoming for everyone. We wanted the fitness enthusiast to feel empowered in their boxing practice and the veteran boxer to feel challenged all in the same class. And BOXHAUS has become that place. The place where you leave your workout feeling empowered, strong and wanting to come back for more.


Our standard 45-minute BOXHAUS class is a one of a kind boxing experience curated for a blend of beginners and experts.  We specialize in group boxing classes and private training. The group classes highlight the boxing basics and fundamentals, while keeping your heart rate up for an exhilarating cardio experience. Our trainers start each class by breaking down the six basic punches, through a 5 minute warm-up. From there it is full speed ahead into 7 rounds of boxing separated by HIIT intervals, while the room is filled with energetic lights and your favorite playlists. Our Private Training and RingSide Classes are a great way to dive deeper into the boxing fundamentals and hone in on your skills geared specially towards your health & fitness goals. Our sessions are all intended to support in the development of the best and most empowered version of you!